Teaching Philosophy

I believe that education is multifaceted and continuous, it is unique to the individual and the value of which is very personal. What we learn may not be applicable at that precise moment, but the knowledge and tools we gather throughout our lifetime will build a framework for the new knowledge and tools we collect. Together they will build processes and networks capable of spawning creativity and innovation at any point along the continuum of a lifetime.

I am passionate about sharing information that could impact the course of a person’s future decisions, planning and course. A learning environment must be established that is supportive and nurturing, all while inspiring growth, development and exploration. My educational philosophy is Progressivism, founded by John Dewey. A holistic approach to problem solving and a creative view of process management are crucial to know and teach.

Students arrive to class with a variety of experiences, preconceptions and ideas. As a teacher and leader, I must engage each individual student, to move them to the learning team where we can learn and grow together. While teaching a workshop on career building, I engaged with multiple generations of learners. Some were interested in an early career resume, while others were revising a senior academic CV for a mainstream publishing audience. All learners were interested in the social networking tools for career growth and marketing their future publications.

Beginning the class with an introduction and requesting students introduce themselves and give their expectations helped me to see how to weave together their interests and needs.  I have experience in planning, organizing, executing and evaluating faculty and staff training workshops, modules and conferences. All of which serve to guide me in planning curriculum that is both engaging and enlightening.

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